Bluebonnets in Bloom

Spring season 2017 had been hinting at its arrival earlier than normal. In fact, these Texas Bluebonnets started blooming before the official Vernal Equinox, which landed on March 20th this year.

I like to try and get some good new pictures each year of the Bluebonnets. They’re so pretty with their blue color and unique petal shapes. And they’re rare, since they last just a few weeks annually. This year we’re fortunate in a new way; we moved to the family farm and now have a nice Bluebonnet patch right in our front yard.

Here is a small new set of some of my latest flower patch photos taken recently with my moto G4. (I’d love to have the camera on a newer flagship phone like the Google Pixel XL, iPhone 7, or Samsung Galaxy S8. But…the moto G4 is enough. I’ll just keep telling myself that and being thankful for what I’ve got.) Enjoy!

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Jason McFadden

Jason McFadden blogs about computing, gaming, and more. He also writes editorials for RPGamer.

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