This is my first post on this blog! And since I don’t know if I should just jump right in with an article or not, I’ll just make this sort of a meta-post; let’s say introductory. I’ll keep it short since most of this kind of info is found on my About page.

So, a few things about myself. My name is Jason McFadden. I’m a Texan. And a Christian. Plus, I’m a husband and a dad with 5 (five) sons. I’m a Structural Designer in my day-job. I practice Kyokushin Karate with my wife and sons. And I eat gluten-free because I have Celiac Disease.


Guess what? I like blogging (surprise). Yeah, seriously, I’ve blogged off and on for years. One reason I have not stuck to one blog in the past is because they were all too niche for me; too focused on only one topic. This new blog lets me cover several subjects, which might translate to long-term viability.

I like creating and customizing a website and tinkering with HTML code. Fair warning up front – this blog will likely change its look or theme over time! Hopefully it will always be improving (unless I stick to leaving well-enough alone).

Besides creating, I like writing, which happens to be one of the three subjects (reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmatic) I practiced in school since before thumb-typing was a thing. (I used to only write with my hand. The left one!) And maybe I’m a grammar geek, but I really like the semi-colon; it doesn’t get enough love.

“The semi-colon doesn’t get enough love.”

Writing is cool because it’s like thinking out loud slowly and methodically, which helps me focus my thoughts. Well, hopefully. It doesn’t always work out. And sometimes another cup of caffeine doesn’t even help.

Future Posts

I will try to write well enough to publish my thoughts and commentary in articles about the various things that make my brain tick (sorry that sounds like a mental parasite). Those would generally fall under a few broad categories like: Technology, Simplicity, Photography, and Christianity. Those ought to be enough to keep my blog from stagnating.

My longer articles may have a more formal voice to them. But I’m also thinking about sharing casual stuff too, the short kind that may be like a social media status update; it’d be just for fun!

Here’s your call to action in my first post – read my future posts!

Thanks, y’all!