Sunrise Shed

This is a sunrise behind a dilapidated shed at our up and coming homestead. My original composition was not a square crop. But then I posted this photo to Instagram, where I usually stick with 1:1 ratio.

On Instagram, the filters I played with helped me make the shed pop out more, highlighting the wood better. I liked the look because it kind of surprised me; it wasn’t what I set out for but it worked.

Sunrise ShedI gave it three hashtags so others had a chance of seeing it. And it got a lot of likes (hearts, I guess), more than expected. So then I decided I would share it to Facebook. Again, I got a lot of very positive comments on it; people encouraged me to frame it or think of becoming of photographer.

The good feedback is uplifting. But honestly, I’m not getting my head in the clouds on this one. Still, I enjoy photography so much that I have dreamed of or considered pursuing it more seriously and maybe professionally.

One big blessing has been my wife. She majored in photography in college back when film was it. And she developed a very good eye for lighting and composition. So I’ve learned a lot from her; its been great!

Maybe in “retirement” (if there is such a thing) I will have the luxury to pursue photography at a greater level. Until then, I’ll snap God’s beautiful creation up close (macro) and far off (landscape) with my handy dandy smartphone/camera!

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Jason McFadden

Jason McFadden blogs about computing, gaming, and more. He also writes editorials for RPGamer.

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