Faith or reason is a false dichotomy. The misunderstanding is that humans usually rely on reason to navigate life, but when that proves elusive, then faith steps in to save the day. As if faith is the crutch to limp by on when our ignorance is forefront or our logic is momentarily invalid.

Faith and reason go together. For God, the giver of faith, is reasonable. And logical. Plus, faith is always based upon fact(s). There is a reason to have faith; it is not without reason.

Facts precede faith. (Feelings follow faith.)

Objective, absolute truth fuels faith. Faith comes from hearing the word(s) of Christ (Romans 10:17). Hearing what? God’s word! His word is fact, truth. Jesus himself prays for his people in John 17:17,

“Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.”