Framing The Freezing

At the turn of the year, winter visited our part of Texas with four days of sub-freezing temperatures and a nice touch of ice. So to enjoy the weather and avoid cabin fever, I bundled up and took my phone, I mean camera, out for frigid photography!

It was so cold, especially in the wind, that I could only take my glove off to use the camera for short bursts at a time. I may invest in those special gloves that work with touch screens.

The cold and ice seem to go well with the sharp cactus needles and barbed wire. And to accentuate the feeling of cold, I tried to change the color temperature of the photos to lean toward cool versus warm, so more blue-ish than yellow-ish.

In fact, the Photos app on my iPhone has preset filters that include “Vivid Cool” and “Dramatic Cool.” Those were good starting points, which led to tweaking detailed settings.

As for other arctic air-mass effects, we had some pipes freeze in the one bathroom we have. So thanks to my resourceful wife, we endured enjoyed bucket and pitcher showers. Thankfully we’re thawed out now. Hopefully many insects were killed off.

Also, our Husky absolutely loves this wintry wonder! (I shoulda got a picture of her in it.)

If you’re on Flickr, you can also check out some of these freeze frames there. I appreciate feedback!

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Jason McFadden

Jason McFadden blogs about computing, gaming, and more. He also writes editorials for RPGamer.

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