When you think of Texas, what comes to mind? Cowboys, rattlesnakes, oil. And ice. Okay maybe not so much ice. But we actually had a lot of ice this past week, a rare thing. So it was kind of a big deal. Officials announced that people shouldn’t drive unless they absolutely had to. The result: I got to stay home from work!

For my Husky, the frigid white crystalline liquid was warmly welcomed! She loves Winter, and the freezing sprinkles were the white frosted icing on the cake. She may not look all that excited in the picture, but she was very comfortable in the environment.

My family and I were enthralled with the spectacle of frozen fields; the farm was a winter wonderland. So, naturally, I tried to capture it on camera, an indelible memory on my mind that could last on a screen long after it melted away. And thankfully, it did melt over the next few days as temperatures slowly climbed back up.

An exceptional day like this one gives me more excuse to get out enjoy a little bit of photography. So even though I only got a few pictures, I’m grateful. It also made me glad that my sons had the pleasure of the special experience. This freezing firmament gave glory to God; so do I.