Experiment With A Hoodie

Parenting 5 sons isn’t easy. It’s for sure not a hobby. One of my sons clothes himself in a way that makes me scratch my head. He has his own style. I call it beach bum. He pretty much does it all year round, whether it’s hot or cold outside. I decided to try and find out why.

He likes to wear shorts and flip-flops, and he tops it off with a hoodie. His legs are bare, but his arms are covered. The kicker that puzzles me most is he always wears the hood of his hoodie on his head.

All. The. Time.

Inside the house, outside, in the car, and I think everywhere in between, his hood is up. I often call him Darth Vader.

One day this week, it just got to me. I had to figure out the appeal of this get up. I have a hoodie; it’s quite comfy. But I normally wear the hood only outside in cold wind or rain. Seems normal enough.

Yesterday, I half zipped up my hoodie and pulled the hood onto my head. I determined I would wear it for the rest of the day and see how it made me feel. Never-mind that it looks strange to me.

I put away groceries from the store while wearing it. I used the bathroom while wearing it. I worked on my iPad, hood fully engaged. Also, I fetched the mail in my hood. I did all the things. And I kept that hood on my head.

Sure, my neck was never cold. My short hair stayed in place. My ears could hear well enough. At times it felt like I had blinders on, which I thought could be useful when I wanted to focus on what’s in front of me.

Later, at the dinner table with all the family sitting together, I told my son what I was up to. I’m not sure how he took it. I think he thought I was weird. No argument there.

The conclusion of my experiment was that wearing the hood up all the time isn’t bad. To me, it’s just not good enough to want to have it on under normal conditions. I guess I’ll have to learn what “normal conditions” are to my son.

It seems I didn’t learn much from my experiment. But I think it was good to try and understand my son in one of his ways.

The good news is that I love and accept my son for who he is, even if he does things that are “weird” to me. That’s a challenge I face as a dad. And we’re not even to the teenage years yet!

If you’re a parent, what “weird” kid stuff do you get to interact with? How do you like to handle things?

2 thoughts on “Experiment With A Hoodie

  1. My first son enjoys having his hoodie on whenever he has a t-shirt or a jacket that has an attached hoodie. So, he’s like your son too. I’ve not experimented it myself and when I asked him why he does it, he just shrugs and says “I don’t know. I just like it.”

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