Holiday Introversion

Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us. That means a lot of festivities. For an introvert like me, that means feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sure, I enjoy celebrating and joy and fun. But with so many people-filled events that I’m expected to be at, I am tempted to grumble because I know I will be drained of energy.

This is something I’ve practiced dealing with over the years, but only recently have I understood what my deal was. It’s not that I’m anti-social. I can mingle in a crowd and have some conversation. Just not too much.

That’s what makes this time of year challenging. There is much in the way of gatherings: Christmas parties, family get-togethers, church functions, etc. Yes, lots of positive vibes for sure. But an introvert can only take so much. It’s like egg-nog. Man that stuff is good, but drink too much…you don’t wanna go there.

The thing I try to remind myself about is to just focus on the good parts, enjoy, and don’t worry about stuff otherwise. Relax, breathe. By having a positive attitude, I am better able to avoid making difficult situations worse.

And in those times when I can’t seem to manage an extroverted situation well, then I sort of learned to excuse myself from the scene when possible and go to a quiet place alone so I can decompress. It’s OK to dismiss yourself when you need downtime. It’s better than getting into a foul mood and making others suffer your own miserable state.

Anyways, hope that makes some sense. I do like the holidays overall and am looking forward to them. But my eager expectation is also mixed with internal resistance. It’s kinda like, “This ride’s a thrill and brace for impact.”

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