Not too long ago I simplified my blog to look and function as easily as possible. My design goals were: to make sure I could blog regularly without any friction and to allow visitors a good reading experience. You know, distraction free, easy on the eyes, that sort of thing.

But I ended up feeling it was a bit too minimal and bland. I wanted to add a little flourish, a bit more definition or character. Yet I wanted to avoid going overboard. Pizzazz and razzmatazz sound fun and attractive. But also like overkill. I think I found a good balance.

Independent Publisher 2 theme

Theme before
Lovecraft theme

Theme after

My favorite color is orange, so again I’m sticking with the FF8000 color. And using the free WordPress photo library courtesy of Pexels, I now have a header image to kinda match. Also, I made the sidebar widgets persistent on all pages.

I might add a few more tweaks over the coming weeks. But so far I’m liking the theme I settled on. After browsing the hundreds and both free and premium themes, I gravitate towards the same ones. Sure, I like the fancy website and magazine looking themes. But my favorite are classic blog themes that remind me of the Simple theme I used back on Blogger.

The theme I chose is Lovecraft by Anders Noren. I actually found that I have tried and prefer several of Anders’ themes. I guess I like his design taste. You might wanna check out his stuff and see what you like for your own blog.

Lovecraft, by the way, is Gutenberg ready. That’s the new WordPress editor coming soon, like it or not. So I feel good knowing my blog won’t blow up or something.

So, here I go, kicking off December with a fresh look on the blog. I hope you will find it easy to navigate and read. Let me know if you have any tips in the comments, or if you are thinking of changing up your blog.