Christmas Shopping For Mommy

Texas is not known for snow. In Abilene, we may get a few days of snow in Winter. So this Saturday morning was a delight. We woke up to hearing the boys exclaim, “It’s snowing!”

It wasn’t too cold though, so the snow didn’t stick much to the ground. That was a good thing because it made driving conditions better. Today it was my turn to take some of the boys Christmas shopping for mommy!

My three oldest sons and I ventured out, scraped white frozen powder off the car, and headed to Target. Surely we would find some good mommy gifts there. We walked around looking at a bit of everything, getting ideas. Surprisingly, it was not too crowded or chaotic.

I resisted the call of Starbucks with their creamy warm buzz-inducing drinks that go perfectly with a cold snowy day. I don’t know how I pulled that off!

The real challenge I always face with my sons is redirecting them to think of the person they’re shopping for instead of themselves. By default, we naturally see stuff that ourselves would like. My goal is to teach my kids and practice focusing on what would make the other person happy.

Maybe you’ve heard it is better to give than to receive.

We tend to think the opposite, that getting things is the best way to secure our own happiness. Let me be honest, most of the year, I think that’s my trend. But at Christmas time, I get to practice the joy of giving, and I want to give that to my kids too.

After Target, I took my boys to the mall to look in a few stores. While there, we also enjoyed Chik-Fil-A for lunch! We needed protein and energy for shopping. Can’t let mommy down, you know. Besides, I really like waffle fries and Chik-Fil-A sauce.

So leaving the gluten-free grilled-nugget place behind, we bee-lined into GameStop. Because there must be good mommy gifts there too. (My wife does enjoy Zelda.)

All in all, we had a good time holiday shopping. My sons finished their gift buying. I got a few things for my wife and also ideas for later. It happens to also be her birthday next week, so double-up on the gift purchasing.

I’m thankful for a casual snowy Christmas shopping day.


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