A Fight For Fitness

A week ago, I restarted my practice of martial arts – Kyokushin Karate. And of course, being winter and post-holiday season, I’ve gotta fight just to get fit…and be fit to fight.

So I’m still in the “realizing-how-out-of-shape-I-am-phase.” But at least I know what I need to work on: everything. And the older I get, the longer this phase seems. I’m a 40-something karate kid.

As for fighting, I’ve never been big on confrontation. I fear hurting others and being hurt myself. But what I’m really fighting against is being sedentary.

I have a desk job. I sit at a computer many hours every day. My body coagulates into the chair. My abs become slabs of flab. My strongest muscles are the ones in my right index-finger so I can double-click the mouse all day.

Some of that is fun hyperbole, but you get the point. I gotta fight for fitness.

To my rescue comes YouTube. There I find an endless supply of training videos: stretching, calisthenics, karate. I’ve got a lot to work on!

With so much training, and with my renewed fervor for the fight for fitness, I fear over-training, like killing my body before I really get going.

But it occurred to me yesterday that fitness should be a part of daily life. Growing up in school, we’re taught to stay physically active. We play outside. But as adults, we just work a lot. I think if my body feels it’s not able to exercise daily, that shows how out of shape I really am.

Everyday is not going to be a triathlon. But I can and should do some basic exercises daily for cardio and strength training. Not just for being capable of karate kicks, but to keep up with my 5 young sons who, I swear, have virtually unceasing stores of energy.

I need all the help I can get. My own energy isn’t like it was 20 years ago. So I’m trying supplements that target my needs while also eating more protein and being health conscious at meal times. And even if that just means one handful of Cheetos instead of two handfuls, that my friends is progress.

This is where I’m at. Working on getting into better shape to enjoy a happier healthier life. Sounds cliche. But true and vital just the same.

Taking a challenging martial arts class with others in a public space, the YMCA, is the motivation and accountability I need to help me push myself to be fit. I was out of the game for over a year. But I didn’t stay out. I got back in the fight.

What’s your favorite activity or fitness exercise? Sports? Yoga? Under-water basket weaving?

3 thoughts on “A Fight For Fitness

  1. I feel like every time I have a lifestyle choice question the answer is something along the lines of “live like a kid.” Healthy yet fun meals, reasonable snacks, varied intellectual pursuits, gym class and recess, naps, emotional awareness, cultivating empathy…

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