Random Thoughts On Routine

Daily life tends to have routine. I’ve been thinking more about the pros and cons of routine lately because mine has been thrown off. And I’ve been trying to roll with it.

Like most people, I normally go to my workplace during the week and then do stuff around the house on weekends. I try to exercise daily, and currently I watch Parks and Rec with my wife at night.

But for the past week, my routine has been tossed up in the air with pieces of it scattered about.

Last Tuesday, my wife started having severe low back muscle spasms that quickly became debilitating. We needed to go to the hospital ER one night to get help.

Our sleep schedule was disrupted. Our planned dinner date for Valentine’s Day got canceled. I’ve been taking a lot of time off work to care for my wife at home. We’ve been visiting doctor’s offices and pharmacies. And her mom came to stay in our house to help us and the kids.

So, yeah, lots of different and difficult things going on. Definitely not our normal routines.

You do the same things at the same time everyday. Routine. Sometimes you end one thing and start another. But mostly you do the same kinds of things over and over again.

To me, routine is often synonymous with boring. Hum-drum, same old thing, mediocre pacing. It’s like living life on repeat. So I seem to notice the negative side of routine more than the positive side.

But since I refocused on physical fitness last month, adding a good exercise regimen to my weekly routine, I found more positive. I am not good at being self-disciplined. So getting a good routine going has been great because of momentum or inertia.

Making myself do hard things, like pushing beyond pain and discomfort to whip my body into shape, is…the opposite of easy. But once I get that first step kick-started and build some momentum into a routine, then it’s much easier to keep going despite mild resistance.

So I am appreciating routine more lately. Especially since mine has been off. Life can get monotonous at times and make you feel stuck in a rut. But life can also throw you a big curve ball and have you wishing to return to “things as usual.”

They say life is an adventure. Just when boredom sets in, a shake up to your routine makes things exciting. Well that’s one way to look at it.

I think sometimes boring isn’t so bad. You know, don’t rock the boat. Keep the peace. Boring may mean quiet or calm. Smooth sailing and all that.

I am reminded that I’m not as much in control of life in general, or even my own life, as I’d like to think. But I’m learning to go with it, make the most of hard stuff, do my best, be thankful for all the good that remains despite the midst of some bad. I’m even remembering that the “bad” can be good in ways. Maybe not comfortable, but good for you. Like eating your vegetables.

That said, I’m eager for getting back to normal. I need my regular exercise routine. Also, I need my wife back to normal! The daily grind would be kinda nice right now.

Maybe we need random to balance routine. Sometimes I think we need our routine thrown off as much as we need to stick to the routine. Kinda makes sense.

Which do you prefer: random or routine?

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