It’s been a long time since I posted any photos on my blog. I take pictures all the time of course, but I have not pursued photography in quite a while. Years ago it was a big hobby of mine. But the photo bug doesn’t bite as much as it used to.

In a month or so, the Bluebonnets will once again bloom forth, and I’m sure I’ll get new shots of those. Until then, here’s some other flowers from my past.

Lily Garden-3

Lily Garden-1

Back in 2011 I went to a Water Lily Garden in San Angelo, TX and enjoyed trying to capture the color and beauty of the flowers there. I used my trusty Canon S5IS with 12x zoom lens – my iPhone won’t zoom! I was able to reach over the water really close to the lilies this way.

I don’t really use Flickr anymore, or Instagram, or any other online photo sharing site. So I thought I’d just share these lilies here. Otherwise, they’re hidden on my computer where no eyes can behold. What good is that?