Being In A Box

How do you define yourself? Who, or what, are you? Identity can be a complex subject because people are not that simple. We are nuanced. Maybe even mysterious.

There’s something else that adds to the complexity: over-thinking identity. But then, swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction to over-simplifying a person’s identity is also tricky!

Now that we got that cleared up…ahem.

Recently I realized that my blog tagline (that short description under the title) and my “welcome” message were too vague. That’s why I chose them initially. My blog was about no particular subject because I like to write about whatever, which happens to be more than one thing.

I decided that my blog identity needed to be less vague so that visitors could have some sense of what to expect from it. Being a personal (or is it lifestyle?) blog, the posts reflect me and my many interests. Maybe I’m eclectic or eccentric; I don’t fit easily into one box.

I’m not a human being in a box.

Geek or nerd? Yes. Mostly geek.

That being said, I suppose I have some proclivities or tendencies to a few certain things that might narrow down what labels could describe (not define) me.

The one I found that comes closest is: Geek.

To help confirm this, I did some internet spelunking to ascertain the accurate distinctions between two common terms: geek versus nerd. It’s kind of a tough choice.

I’d say I’m about 70% geek and 30% nerd. Or maybe it’s a 60/40 split…hold on, let me get out my calculator…it’s a Casio graphing kind, you can play snake on it or watch Firefly in dot matrix…ok just kidding.

Anyways, so I sort of rebranded my online persona a bit, making it less ambiguous. I made a new tagline and welcome message. I think they are more specific and descriptive of me, my blog, what my posts are about, and why I write stuff and for whom. Plus they help give my site some personality; it’s not so bland.

Curiosity helps here too. I’m curious about things so I DuckDuckGo them. Yeah, that’s right. I don’t Google or Bing stuff. Because privacy. Seriously, you need to get on that if you’re not already.

And if you’re curious, you might just read my blog to learn more about me or my geekish interests.

Drop me a line in the comments; thanks for your time!

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