Deleted My Instagram Account Today

Another day. Another deletion. This time it was Instagram. I had almost deleted my account back in December last year but just removed the app from my iPhone and left the rest alone. Until today.

I dropped a nuke from orbit.

There wasn’t much to nuke really. I had only just created my account in early August of last year. After about four months and 20 photos, I was already thinking of pulling the plug.

What made me delete, you ask? Fair question. Well, besides having little invested and little to lose, I just didn’t use it. And I like to keep my online stuff simple. So now I have one less account to manage.

Another big sticking point is that Instagram is a Facebook property. And I’ve increasingly distanced myself and detached from Facebook. So Instagram deletion fits in.

Why am I disengaged from or disenchanted with Facebook and its apps and services? I bet you can guess why. But this is for another blog post on another day.

So where will I post my random photos now? Maybe nowhere. Maybe I’ll have fewer random photos and more intentional ones. Imagine, photography with better focus! (See what I did there?)

I would like to share more of my pictures, like these Water Lilies, here on my blog since this is the space on the interwebs I prefer to invest in. I also still have Twitter at my disposal, but who knows if that’s really a good place for random pix. And I often just text pictures directly to family.

Where do you like to share your pictures online? Have you considered nuking your Instagram or other social media accounts? Share in the comments or drop me a line here. It’s nice to hear from you!

11 thoughts on “Deleted My Instagram Account Today

  1. I have so many accounts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to YouTube, Reedit and my WordPress. On all of them pretty much multiple accounts. I am trying to focus on two websites as well, doing poetry and writing two books at once, and doing photography, the main thing I love. Yes, and working over 60 hours per week on my full time stressful job. And having a family plus I love to play piano and guitar and sometimes some outdoor activities and friends. The list goes on

    What I mean to say is that I cannot keep up even with quart of everything listed above.
    I super appreciate what you done, is that you took the initiative to change few things and remove some of the non essentials which drags you back from doing what you love to do.
    I would love to have courage like you to start eliminating unnecessary things from my life and to focus on what I love to do, which is photography and poetry.

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    1. Wow, your plate is fuller than full! To me that would be stressful. Focusing on a few things, quality over quantity, is simple but not so easy. I don’t know if it takes courage or if it’s by necessity, being practical, but thanks for the compliments. And thanks for taking time to share your thoughts and read my post. I glanced at your blog real quick and will take more time to check out your photos. So far, that big spider is sick!

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  2. I pulled the breaks for this title. The reason ( s ) why you deleted Instagram are understandable. I´ve been thinking about tossing my account lately because ( as you´ve said ) it would be one less account to manage, which, in my case, would be great ( with kids, a husband and maintaining a decent social life ). As an active book blogger ( gone on a lazy strike ) the pressure of being all over the place is enormous. See and be seen. Interact or die trying. It´s not easy and I often think it´s not worth it. Sure, I can see why you´ve distanced yourself from Facebook and its apps. Many have been taking the Farewell FB route lately. Not surprising, really. So where are all the neat, unique shots going to go from now on? I´d say the blog, as it´s really the perfect place to share them on. Ha. Your post just inspired me to take some action ( and write a post as well ).
    Life is really too precious to be spending it on so many social media platforms. Good for you for getting rid of Instagram and good luck with your future pics. Great post 🙂

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    1. Morgana, thanks for taking time to read my blurb. And thanks for the comment! Yeah, time is limited. Even if Instagram was ad free and not a Facebook thing, it’d still be time-consuming. My wife and I have 5 young sons. Also, I have a job – fancy that! So time is easily sucked up by life. Me, I get more from blogging than Instagram. So, focus. The pressure you mention wears you thin after a while. It does me. And Facebook, despite some perks, is a bag of hurt. But I don’t mean to rant. Funny you say my blog should be home for my photos – today I discovered, to my happy surprise, that I can enable the portfolio post feature (regardless of theme)!! So I’m looking into that for pix. 🙂
      I’m glad my post was inspiring! I look fwd to reading what you write! Take care!

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  3. I’m glad you love something you use! Otherwise you’d probably not use it. Flickr is still pretty cool IMO but I just don’t have or take time to invest in it. I like how it was always photos first then social second, whereas Instagram now seems social first with photos second. I understand having an aversion to using FB stuff. Thanks for your reply! Take care.


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