A Majestic Scooter

A few years ago, my commuter vehicle had just two wheels. At first, it was a cruiser-style motorcycle. But later I became the proud rider of the coolest big scooter ever my eyes beheld – the Yamaha Majesty.

Back then I rode motorbikes because they were super economical – light on gas, low cost maintenance, and affordable insurance all added up to a lot of financial saving. And after driving only cars my whole life, riding a 2-wheeler was cool and fun.

And there was never a cooler 2-wheeler to me than this vibrant blue Majesty. When I first saw it on a bike dealer’s website, I knew I wanted it. Its wind-swept looks were stunning with cool black and blue smooth sleek lines.

Not only did it look like a sweet ride, it was very practical. The under-seat storage area could hold two full-face helmets! It also had two separate glove boxes molded with the fairing. One was small for quick access to little things. One was huge and keyed to lock away bigger stuff. It had it all!

I enjoyed the Majesty while I owned it. But with a change in my living situation, it was time to part ways. Breaking up wasn’t easy. Yet, due to safety concerns, I knew it was a good decision.

All I have left are photos, like the ones above, of my former mega-scooter. You can find them in my Gallery here. The Majesty made for an excellent subject for practicing my photography. I had found this old loading-dock behind a building with red brick and green doors – the colors and contrast were great for shooting as a backdrop for the big blue bike!

Hope you enjoy the photos. I used my wife’s Nikon D60 to capture, then I made edits in Lightroom.

Scooters are not popular in America, but in Europe and East Asia, 2-wheelers are far more common. Do you have any experience with scooters? Comment below or contact me here. It’s nice to hear from you!

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Jason McFadden

Jason McFadden blogs about computing, gaming, and more. He also writes editorials for RPGamer.

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