The story of this picture I took is simple. While trekking around the concrete and steel jungle of Singapore, snapping my camera at a myriad of sites, this one stood out amongst them. You can’t not look up at this thing when standing under it.

The tower of glass and steel angles form this cool lattice structure in the shape of a cone. If you want to find it on Google Street view, here it is. It’s at the Wheelock Place.

I’m sure there have been many photos of this pointy thing. Add mine to the list!

I placed the centerpoint off center on purpose because I felt it made the picture more dramatic. I wasn’t going for the symmetry because it didn’t look right; there was too much barrel distortion from my point-n-shoot zoom lens. Or maybe the escalator was in the way.

It’s black and white since the monochromatic contrast shows the structure better. I tend to think this applies to most photos I take of buildings or structures by themselves. So color versions of architecture are more appealing to me when they include background to set the scene. For example, red brick in the foreground juxtaposed with blue sky around it.

Also note my image has a dark to light radial gradient going on; I was aiming for a 3D depth effect.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the photo!

You can also find more of my structure shots in my Gallery here.

If you could take a picture of any single thing on Earth, what would it be? Comment below or write to me! Thanks for reading.