15 Signs Of A Geek

The other day, my wife and I were bantering as we drove down the road. I forget the topic – darn! But somehow we got onto geek levels. You know, geek banter is the best.

On a 1 to 10 scale, I figured my wife is a level 5 geek. She’s got geek in her, but she doesn’t flaunt it as a badge. For myself, I calculated that I’m a level 7 geek. I don’t know how to measure really, do you? But I thought I’m a higher level than my wife. Of course, right?

Then my wife said only a geek would make levels out of being a geek. I was proud! 😉

Anyways, on a related note, and with one of my attempts at humor, I came up with this list of geek signs. For amusement. Enjoy!

15 Signs You Might Be A Geek

  1. You played with Lego as a kid.
  2. You’re an adult. And you still play with Lego.
  3. You know Han shot first. There is no debate. Because Han.
  4. You’ve written the studio more than once to: Bring. Back. Firefly.
  5. You are not a gamer because you game. You game because you are a gamer.
  6. The Marvel/DC war is over. You won! Others will catch up eventually.
  7. Pokemon: you’ve caught them all. At least five times.
  8. Cosplay has become more like work than play. And you still don’t get paid.
  9. You built a 1:10 scale model replica of the Starship Enterprise. And it flies.
  10. You are fluent in Klingon and javascript.
  11. You’re the one on ebay collecting copies of E.T. the Atari game. And you know where the landfill is.
  12. Your personality just makes sense when you combine houses: Ravenpuff, Huffledor, etc.
  13. You know what year we were supposed to get hoverboards and power laces.
  14. Your primary care physician is Dr. Who. Because why not?
  15. You believe in miracle pills. Because it worked on Westley! You don’t think R.O.U.S.es exist – “wink.” And “As You Wish” is in your wedding vows. Because Twue Wuv!

Bonus: You know what the heck a gigawatt is and how many are needed to get the flux capacitor fluxing!

Feel free to amend the list in the comments. Or contact me. Love hearing from you!

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Jason McFadden

Jason McFadden blogs about computing, gaming, and more. He also writes editorials for RPGamer.

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