Missing iPad App Beyond Bonkers At WWDC19

Today, Apple did a thing. It was huge, with tons of little things in it. Like, my brain can’t take it all in. And they didn’t do only small things; they did big things. Pretty much, all the things, Apple did them. They called it WWDC19.

This post is short; I could try to talk about many of the new and improved things Apple did at the WWDC19 keynote today. But, for now, I will just mention this one little teeny tiny omission.

The Calculator app on iPhone did not make it onto iPad.

Is it hyperbolic to think, as my post title suggests, that the simple Calc app should be a default app on the iPad? I don’t think so.

If there were any remaining doubts that the iPad is a computer, today Apple annihilated those with iPadOS.1 And being a computer, the iPad performs calculations. Plus, it’s a super-user-friendly machine. So…a simple calculator app just fits.2

Maybe I’m being obtuse about this whole missing app business. But, in my defense, look, the Apple Watch, with the new watchOS announced today, is getting the Calculator app! So why not the iPad!? Are you kidding me?

Anyways, I’ll cut Apple some slack here. They were busy making the new Mac Pro insane with teraflops. Maybe the next iPadOS will introduce the long-awaited Calculator.

Do you miss the Calculator app on iPad? How about the still missing Weather app?? Comment below or message me. Thanks for reading!

  1. Just look at the more capable Files app for starters.
  2. I must still resort to a third-party calculator app.

5 thoughts on “Missing iPad App Beyond Bonkers At WWDC19

  1. Well, I found that this WWDC keynote was perfect until you came up with this one! Too bad. 🙂
    Well, this is weird for sure. But, man, all the other stuff that was shown… mind blown. Looking at the reactions so far and devs seem to like what they saw. And this was the day one. Putting the final touch to my 2000 words blog post on this event. Can’t wait to share it.

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    1. I loved the keynote. It was packed with new stuff. Seems like just about everything everyone wanted, Apple delivered. Like Christmas morning. Also, my iPad Air 2 basically got one more year of support! I’ve got time to save up for an upgrade.

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  2. I also thought it was great. I was sitting there watching, and kept thinking “this is why I love Apple.” They are the only ones that will do some of this stuff. Truly exciting. And SwiftUI!!!

    Oh, and I agree about the calculator. Such a shame. I’ve been using an app called Soulver for quite some time. It’s awesome.

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