Shaker Spiral Stairs

Ten years ago, I vacationed to Kentucky for a friend’s wedding. Naturally, I visited nearby points of interest. My wife and I stayed at this beautiful place called Shaker Village.

The village is unique and relaxing. The buildings, the architecture, it’s all custom crafted. The place has so much charm and is simply marvelous.

You can learn more about Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill with this link to the website.

The Twitter profile also has photos and info you might enjoy.

My camera was put to good use at this wonderful site seeing stop. In the photo, the view is looking up through the wooden spiral staircase at the Inn. If I recall correctly, it was handmade!

You’ll also find the photo in my Structures Gallery.

Shaker Village is totally worth a visit, and I hope to someday return and refresh my soul again at this wonderful and relaxing oasis.

What place do you like to relax at? Comment below or message me. Thanks for reading!

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