Shout Out To The Readers

Yesterday marked a bit of progress on the blogging growth path. The Jason Journals follower count has doubled in the last few months, so I want to give a shout out.

In Appreciation

Thank you to all of you out there in cyberspace who visit and read Jason Journals. There’s an endless supply of stuff on the web that you could be reading, so I appreciate the few minutes of your time you give to my posts.

Being in the Attention Economy, where social networks (Facebook) work to consume all your time, I know my blog can’t even enter “the competition” for eyeballs. But if you’re like me, then you value unique blogs and bloggers, being themselves on the inter-webs, over mindlessly scrolling feeds: memes and fake news, and ads – oh my.

Writing rightly

You’ve helped my blog follower count double since the Spring, and it’d be great to see that growth continue. I try to respect readers’ time and keep my verbiage from being garbage. Yes, I edit my posts.

For me, writing regularly – my blog not going on hiatus for months at a time – is a big challenge. Even though I enjoy blogging, there’s a lot of other time-consuming stuff going on in my life. So finding or taking time to tap out a bunch of somewhat coherent and hopefully relevant thoughts into the keyboard requires dedication and discipline. I’m not very good at those. But I’m trying, and I’m not giving up.

Moving forward

Here’s an idea: I’ll keep writing. You keep reading. Simple, so what could go wrong?

With patience and practice, Jason Journals might get ever better. Thank you again for your time, your feedback, and connecting online. If you’re also a blogger, I encourage you to keep it up. If you ask me, the web needs more homegrown blogs and fewer social feeds.

What do you think? Comment below or message me. Thanks for reading!

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