This Marks Post 100 For 2019

More Meta

This one’s gonna be meta. Along the way of blogging, I like to trumpet my small milestones. I make these mini-celebratory posts to encourage myself in writing, despite the taboo of tooting my own horn. Maybe my fellow bloggers will get a little pumped themselves. Our solo writing gigs could use the camaraderie. Otherwise, this post just happens to follow the 99th one.

One Hundred Posts

I’ve blogged off and on over the years. But last October I recommitted to stick with it – no more hiatus.

Just. Keep. Writing.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Just putting one foot, or post, in front of the other. It adds up!

Once again checking my stats (no shame), I noticed I’ve published 99 posts so far this year! The last time that number was cool was in 1999. I digress.

So I had to (you know I did) make a special 100th post. It’s like a birthday or anniversary. Just for fun!

Publishing Fun

Personal blogging tends to be informal. You can be loose with it. Like any hobby, I think blogging should be fun. Even though one can get serious about writing, especially if you want to profit from it, I don’t think it should be “all work, no play.”

I’m serious about having fun.

Of course, you can pursue any hobby however you want. Yet often, hobbies relate to your passions. I think that includes a healthy balance of laser-focus and laissez-faire. Work hard and play hard. For reals and for funzies.

Sum It Up

After 99 posts, I’m happy to report this one additional post makes for one-hundred. And counting!

I don’t get paid to blog. I pay to do it. It’s my hobby; I enjoy the process of writing. So I plan to keep at it and keep adding posts.

The journey itself is fun. And I’m serious about the goal of better writing. I might even join a Grammar Police Academy!

Until the next post…

What’s your hobby? How do you keep at it? Comment below, or write to me here! Thanks for reading!

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