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Remember when Instagram was about photography rather than celebrity? Yeah, me too. I don’t hang out there anymore. Instead, I share photos here on my blog, but it’s been a while. So…you’ve heard of the Grand Canyon. But what about the Grand Canyon of Texas?

Palo Duro

Texas is a big state and is kinda known for big stuff. In this case, it is outdone by only The Grand Canyon. Just south of Amarillo, Palo Duro Canyon sits nestled in the Texas panhandle. It’s a popular state park.

My family got to visit for the first time 8 years ago on a Fall vacation. And once again, this year we’re planning to enjoy this wonder of creation right after Halloween!

So I revisited the canyon in my photo library (thanks, Google Photos) and found a few nice pictures to share. One day (it’s on my bucket list), I hope to visit The Grand Canyon in Arizona to see its breathtaking chasm with my naked eyes. Okay, I’ll hold the camera up too and take a few hundred pictures.

Until then, here’s a few Palo Duro Canyon shots I took with my wife’s now broken Nikon D60. I also took some with my amazingly trusty Canon Powershot S5 IS. (That thing, after using it since 2007 and falling on it once, which damaged the lens ring a little, still takes good photos today. I used it this year for some of my Bluebonnet pictures. Anyways, I’m chasing a rabbit.)


UPDATE: I added a Palo Duro Gallery page with additional photos, and I plan to add more photos after my upcoming trip back to the canyon!

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