First Days Of Facebook

Liking Facebook

So…last week I re-friended Facebook. I’ve been back on for a few days now. And – surprise – I have some thoughts. Mostly good. [Like.]

Commenting On Facebook

Being off Facebook for six months was a long break. In Facebook’s absence, my web-social time was spent on Twitter and WordPress. So now there’s good competition for my time. More on that later.

I restarted my new Facebook account from scratch. That part is nice, having a squeaky clean fresh Newsfeed and Timeline. The app is now on my phone, and I sent out many Friend Requests and filled out my basic profile info – the metadata of me.

It’s great to be connected again to all my friends and family so I can see what they’re up to, how they’re doing, and easily share with them. It’s especially nice to stay in touch with the many people I know who live far away.

I rejoined just in time to catch some birthdays, and I caught up on a lot of good photos I had missed out on this past Summer! I also became an active member of a Group I had been absent from. So there are a lot of cool, fun, or useful things on Facebook that I’m enjoying.

Also, in 30 days or so, Facebook Marketplace will open up. To avoid scamming, the Marketplace is designed to wait a month before allowing new Facebook users access to it. That’s smart. And this is one reason why I like it. The people you buy or sell with are connected and vetted to some degree, which helps make the process safer. I have not used Craigslist in years!

In my short time being one of the billions of people on the social network, I was reminded of a few downsides to it. These are not surprising, but I’m going to need to work on them. The first one was mentioned above: time.

Facebook, like all social media, is designed to take up your time and attention. It can be addicting. I’ve received a ton of red notification numbers and banners on my phone and on the web browser. Granted, this is higher than usual activity since my account is new again. Once the honeymoon phase wears off, things will quiet down a bit. But I will likely need to adjust settings and moderate my behavior so I don’t get distracted by what can feel like the party on Facebook.

The other thing I will be proactive about is the Newsfeed. That thing is still a cacophony of posts! So many memes, posters, and silly pix and vidz! Facebook made it so you can friend yet not follow. In other words, you can connect with others to see their Timeline, Message them, or join a Group with them, but you don’t have to see their posts in your Newsfeed. This helps keep a good signal-to-noise ratio. Oh, and I’ll try to not contribute too much noise myself.

Checking Facebook

Overall, I’m enjoying my fresh friend-and-family-feed one week in! My goal is to be active but not too active. And when the shine grows dull, I’ll take a break if I need to – without deleting! For a time, I can be inactive yet not deactivate.

Let’s call this Social Media Moderation. Or Social Network/life Balance.

And I’ll leave you with a quote:

“…even if you don’t want to actively use Facebook, it’s one of those services that you basically have to sign up for. Like email.” – M.G. Siegler

That, I think, is more or less a truism these days. Facebook, like email, is a social utility. For better or worse. I’ll focus on the better!

Where do you stand on Facebook? Love to hate it? Hate to love it? Can’t live with or without it? Share below, or drop me a line here! Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “First Days Of Facebook

  1. Good luck! Although I agree with some of your reasons, I’m not one to subscribe to the quote by M.G. Siegler. We keep telling ourselves things like that and convince ourselves it’s true. That to me is an addiction.

    How on earth did we ever live good lives before Facebook?

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    1. I hear ya. Addiction to Facebook is a thing! I tell myself I can quit it anytime. 😉 Thanks for sharing your concern; I respect and understand your stance.

      Things seem different to me with Facebook. Like, it really seems to be the place for older people (Gen X?). The younger generation (M.G. Siegler calls them the “Facebook Nevers”) really seem to ignore/reject FB. It’s crazy how fast time goes by and things change.

      I’m enjoying FB for now and I also support anyone who wants to be off it or is off it. Chances are, if a person is not addicted to FB, they’ll be addicted to something else. Pick your pleasure/poison.

      My newest thing (addiction?) is Netflix (just signed up) and *Stranger Things.* Watched the first 3 episodes last night!

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      1. Yeah, I’m into podacasts big time right now. I listen during my commutes. Perfect alternative to talk radio.

        Yeah, all my college students look at FB as a place for old people. I do think, however, that FB is slowing down and losing people/activity. Everyone I talk to (my age) say they don’t post much and only look at it every now and again. Plus if they don’t have the younger generation signing up then it will dwindle through attrition. There’s also a reason they started to report their quarterly numbers combining all four platforms they own. FB use is declining as Instagram is increasing. Just my two cents. : )

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