Tickets To Star Wars

I can hardly believe it. I bought tickets for the newest Star Wars movie. Episode IX. The Rise of Skywalker. Is this really happening?

As part of my family’s Christmas celebration/holiday time, we decided to include the 7 of us going to watch The Rise of Skywalker.

So I busted out the Fandango app and reserved seats at our local Cinemark. Plus, it’s on the super big fancy movie screen with extra whammy-kablammy cinema sauce!

And there you have it. Somehow I managed to find 7 seats in a row for my family to see Star Wars on opening day! It’s a matinee viewing, and it should prove to be a fun family event, kicking off my holiday vacation time.

As for the movie itself, I don’t know what to expect. Yeah, I think it will be great! But I have many questions, wondering how JJ Abrams has wrapped up the huge Skywalker saga. I think it has something to do with The Force and bringing balance to it. But how does Kylo Ren turn out? How epic will this thing be?

We should find out in a few days!!

Do you plan to see the newest Star Wars? Comment below, or write to me here! Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “Tickets To Star Wars

          1. Hahaha! Yeah. I would die of he came back. I do think that The Last Jedi did little-to-nothing to move the story forward. If you look back, nothing really significant happened. This new one will have to catch up in a big way.

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          1. Oh, I was thinking of him as Nick Fury since he was in space at the end of Spiderman Far From Home. He could recruit for the Avengers.

            Sorry to junk up your comment thread so much. Let’s try to get this post some traffic! This is what I was talking about in an older post’s comments: discussion here is better than social media. Much more interest-specific.

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