2 thoughts on “Reblog Or Not

  1. It looks like it’s similar to posting a long quote from a blog and linking back to the original. Seems like a good way to connect up conversations. 🙂 As best I can tell, it’s a WordPress.com feature, which might be why my WordPress.org (self-hosted) blog doesn’t have that button.

    In any case, I think quote-posting or reblogging is cool, so long as you don’t copy the entire post. I’be seen bloggers get really testy about that.

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    1. Thanks, Cheri. I agree, it looks like a fast/easy specific way to “Share”. I like the etiquette I read about it today; there are good points/counterpoints. I learned that a reblogged post automatically appears in my Posts list in the General category without any tags. I’m still weighing it all. One effect is on my Twitter Retweets, I am thinking of always using the ReTweet with a Comment option… On WP.com, there’s an on/off setting to allow the Reblog button to appear. I think there is a work-around for WP.org.


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