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Something Changed

If you visit my blog regularly, then you likely noticed some big changes around early April. I had started rethinking how I blog and what I could do to make it better…which led to a new theme. Plus it wasn’t just any theme.

Rethinking Is A Theme

So how was I thinking of blogging better? I wanted to post more often. In fact, the holy grail of blogging to me is posting every single day! Why is this so hard to do? I would like to achieve that, but awesome I am not. I guess I’m not very disciplined either.

Instead of blogging daily, I would settle for just more frequently. But long-form posts of 500 words or more are hard to come by for a dad with 5 kids and a full-time job.

So I thought about doing post series. I would maybe break up one long post into three short posts. The idea of doing short posts more frequently (hey look there, it’s the quantity versus quality issue again) stuck with me.

I pondered different variations of short posts. What if I challenged myself to write posts with a 100 word limit? Then it occured to me that WordPress has short post types built into the platform: Asides!

To me, asides are like tweets on Twitter. Why not put my tweet-like short posts on WordPress instead of Twitter? This would potentially give me more frequent posts. Then I could still cross-post to Twitter when I hit the publish button. Two birds; one stone.

Thinking about the Asides on WordPress set me off to searching for a new theme that supports the aside post-type. After much sifting, I found Baskerville 2 was the best fit. What is most noteworthy to me is the fact that this theme happens to be designed by none other than my favorite, Anders Norén! I’ve written about him before because, like now, I somehow always gravitate towards his blog themes before realizing they’re his.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

While still aboard the change train, I also decided to add more photos to my blog as Image-type posts. I like photography, and this would again increase how often I publish to WordPress. It would be kinda like replacing Instagram as my go-to fancy photo share spot.

Along with adding images and asides to my articles and changing the entire theme, I also added a new homepage and rearranged widgets. And in the process, all this helped me refocus on what I want to write: articles and notes on consumer tech, entertainment, and photography. It’s a lot of change!

So How’s That Refresh?

Almost two months later, I noticed that despite the big blog refresh in April, for some odd reason my posting frequency in May has slumped. And on top of that, I’m starting to wonder now if I should have narrowed my writing focus to three broad areas specifically as mentioned above or if I should have left it more open ended.

I’ll give things more time before I make any other changes or decisions. I still enjoy blogging and will keep striving to improve it when and where I can.

Sometimes blogging slumps happen; I’ve noticed sporadic cycles in my own writing too. Even when I seem to get into a groove, seasons change, life happens, and it throws off my blog vibe. But I always end up coming back to it one way or another.

Maybe I need more coffee.

Do you ever hit a blogging slump? What do you do about it? Comment below, or write to me here! Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Hit The Blog Refresh Button

  1. It’s hard to blog every day, but I’ve managed to work up to ‘write every day’. So that includes my manuscripts and journalling as well. Do you think it’s perfectionism? I get stuck whenever I want to publish something good, but whenever I get drunk and half-ass an article, it usually comes out better than I had expected. Maybe there’s something there.

    Anyway, wishing you the best in your blogging pursuits!

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    1. So maybe I need more alcohol instead of coffee? Kidding 😉 But actually, the idea of being more relaxed about blogging is usually what helps me blog more or better because I’m free from the pressure to perform, so I just blog whatever more casually and openly which makes it more frequently too. Hmmm…
      I like your idea of writing every day. I have a private journal and don’t do that daily, but maybe I could combine that with blogging for daily writing. In any case, I think I’d need a plan or just more focused effort, make daily writing a priority/goal.
      No, I don’t think it’s perfectionism.
      Thanks for giving me ideas here and sharing! Take care, best of luck!


  2. 🙂 I do not hit a blogging slump because I chose to update my blog weekly (Publishing content on one’s blog on a weekly basis is feasible for even the busiest person on the planet).

    Also, I wish you all the best with your blog, Jason.

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    1. Agreed, Cheri. I’ve tried scheduling posts ahead of time so I don’t feel pressure to post often. I think for me that might be the only way. I get in writing moods sometimes and can churn out many posts. I should schedule those ahead for the times I’m out of the zone. Take care!


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