Reading in the dark

My First Stephen King Read

Is Summer the best season to read books? Because I’m kind of on a reading kick. So I was wondering what books I’d like to read next. One of the most popular and prolific authors of our time is Stephen King. Yet I’ve never read a single one of his books! Shouldn’t I read such a widely known writer as King? Otherwise I feel like less of an acculturated reader. Continue reading My First Stephen King Read

Tweaking The Blog

New changes to Jason Journals, with goals being to simplify blog for reading, demote social media, and promote more direct conversation: Removed Twitter widget Added goodreads widget Removed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links and social icons Removed static homepage, making blog posts the home page Started updating Gallery photos Added mailto: buttons and links UPDATE: Removed social icons from post share menu Disconnected social cross-posting … Continue reading Tweaking The Blog