Blogger Did A Thing

Blogger Endures

It’s hard to believe Blogger has been around since the last millennium! 21 years is a long time for any tech thing. And despite Google’s record for killing off services, somehow Blogger endures. In fact, it was updated last month, a rare thing.

Easy Does It

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking Blogger is no longer relevant, but Google must think otherwise. And I’m glad they do. They think enough of it to keep it up to date. A new post on the official Blogger blog details the changes.

If you head over to Blogger via your Google account, you’ll see that it’s now totally refreshed with Material Design painted all over. And it’s as simple as ever, with an aesthetic that’s more crisp and clean than iceberg lettuce.

There’s not much to it, but all the basics are clear and present. Gray icons, white space, and orange accents make the site inviting. The simplicity is attractive.

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

One aspect I find delightful is the Label feature. Like labels in Gmail and in Keep, they appear and act the same in Blogger; they’re easy to manage. The best thing about them is the simplicity: there are only labels. That’s it. Contrast that to WordPress that has Categories and Tags; it’s more complex.

Blogger does have its own complex area: customizing your theme and layout. It still has the classic look to it. I can only guess that will be updated at some point in the future. Of course, that assumes Blogger will have a future.

The revitalized Blogger, still a free service by the way, also looks and works well on mobile. When I checked out the web app on my Android phone’s Chrome browser, the interface was a match!

Keep On Blogger

I guess I will always be fond of Blogger. The attention Google’s given it recently makes me smile. The overall simplicity makes the platform attractive, almost tempting me away from WordPress.

But Blogger’s basic nature sacrifices features I’ve come to rely on at WordPress.

However, if you dislike the Block Editor on WordPress, you will love the straightforward Editor on Blogger!

Blogs are dead? Don’t tell that to Blogger.

What do you think? Comment below, or write to me here! Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Blogger Did A Thing

  1. I’ve never tried blogging on Blogger, Jason. However, I’ve had the experience of leaving comments on Blogger and have to say that it was a lot more challenging to leave a comment there than on a WordPress blog. I guess if you’re not worried about getting comments, then Blogger is a good choice, but if you like getting lots of comments and discussion left on your blog posts, then in my experience WordPress beats Blogger hands-down.

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    1. Thanks, Hugh. Good to know. I think the WordPress community is stronger. And the Reader has more interactive features, which helps. I like comments, feedback, discussion. I don’t plan to leave WordPress. It’s got clear advantages, and I’ve invested much into it. I appreciate your insight here.

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  2. A year later…..

    Just want to echo what Hugh stated. Commenting and keeping track of comments on blogger is nigh impossible. That is the biggest reason I’ve stuck with WP for my social blogging. I have a whole notification area dedicated to my comments and the comments left by others.

    Without that social side of things, I don’t see blogger ever being more than a backup blog for me or for those who want to write but not interact with others.

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