Places To Write On Google

Where do you write words in the Google domain? Docs, the word processor. And Keep, the notes app. They work together too, so words can easily go from one to the other. But what about Blogger? It’s been a Google product for like 16 years. Yet you must copy/paste text from Docs to the Blogger Editor like it’s still 2004. This must change. Docs and Blogger should be better integrated. Because both are about text. It’s feasible; Google+ and Blogger were integrated. Why not Google Docs and Blogger?

8 thoughts on “Places To Write On Google

    1. Yeah, I like it. I used Blogger long ago, so my tinkering is partly fueled by nostalgia. It being a Google product is also a factor. I don’t plan to switch over, but I think about it. The community there is small or absent, and I’ve invested a lot in WordPress. I did by a new domain this week, so we’ll see!

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      1. I am so with you about simplicity (as you mentioned in the past). And there is something alluring about Google. I loved the look and simplicity of Google+ so…

        It is, however, sad to hear that the community there is small.

        Similarly I have a blog on both and is like a breath of fresh air, comparably.

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        1. I’ve considered but no go on that.
          I miss Google+…
          Blogger’s simplicity is very attractive…
          I’m actually looking into the Blogger community to see if it’s viable…
          Other draws for me are more blog customization for free, possible AdSense for free, and Google Analytics I think for free…

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          1. Yeah, I understand about For anyone just wanting to blog without too many bells and whistles is more than enough. I think there are a lot of techies out there who just drool over and anything less is completely inferior.

            The way I see it, so many people are stuck in social media vacuums that when they visit a blog they expect simplicity and a clean, easy UX. let’s you do too much I think. Your site ends up being like the Vegas strip.

            Let us know how your Blogger adventure goes in the future! : )

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