Tweaking The Blog

New changes to Jason Journals, with goals being to simplify blog for reading, demote social media, and promote more direct conversation:

  • Removed Twitter widget
  • Added goodreads widget
  • Removed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links and social icons
  • Removed static homepage, making blog posts the home page
  • Started updating Gallery photos
  • Added mailto: buttons and links


  • Removed social icons from post share menu
  • Disconnected social cross-posting
  • Added search widget in footer
  • Removed Twitter link from About page

Let me know if you see broken blog parts. I’m considering more changes, so we’ll see. Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Tweaking The Blog

    1. I’m thinking that even if their absence doesn’t help others distance from social media, it still helps me.
      I’ve found more and more stuff online about more people distancing themselves from social media. I may be in an antisocialmedia filter bubble (thanks Google), but I think it’s a healthy one for all.


  1. I see you’re still showing the Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons at the end of your posts, though, Jason. Any thoughts on removing those, or will they stay?

    I use my ‘about’ page as the home page on my blog because I’ve read that new visitors to a blog like to know a little more about the blogger and what types of blogs posts they offer before deciding whether to follow or not. However, I only discovered your blog after adding ‘Block editor’ to the search bar on WordPress. One of your posts about the block editor showed in the results, so that’s how I discovered your blog. I did also check out your ‘about’ page too before deciding whether to follow or not.

    I’d recommend bloggers also add a search bar to their blog (WordPress has a search bar widget). It helps when searching for any related blog posts. Of course, it’s up to the individual whether to include one or not, but having one does help new visitors.

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    1. Hugh, so nice of you to share those tips!
      The theme I use includes a search icon, far right menu bar at top, but it isn’t prominent since it lacks the search field until you click the eye glass. I think I’ll add the search widget in my footer! Readers can then search from top to bottom 🙂
      I don’t think I’ve ever considered using my ‘about’ page as the home page, but I’ll give it more thought.
      Good catch on the TW and FB share buttons! I didn’t even think about those! Yes, I will remove those too. I don’t want to promote social media. So even though readers can share by copy/pasting the post URL to their networks, the more out of sight social icons are, the more out of mind they are.
      I can honestly say that even less than one week after removing the last social media app from my phone, I can already tell a difference in me! It’s strange at that moment…
      I appreciate your time, and thanks for pointing all that out to me! Take care!

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      1. I never noticed the search icon on the menu bar of your blog, Jason. It goes to show that I should have checked more. However, good to hear that you’re putting the search widget on the footer widget bar of your blog.

        I know how you feel about social media. I deleted my Facebook account several years ago and, since then, have deleted all but my Twitter and Flipboard social media accounts. It sucks up too much time, but I found that cutting back on the number of accounts I had, has helped.

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        1. No worries, Hugh. Thanks for taking your time to check out my small corner of the web.
          I still have my social media accounts, but I’m leaving them dormant for now and as the 2020 US election season gets going. I’ve also mostly abandoned mainstream news outlets except for tech news.

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      2. Jason, I’ve also had the social icons off of my site for a while now. I’ve found that:

        – People will share your stuff anyways if they want. Since they have apps activated on the mobile they usually provide ways to share without having a button on your posts.

        – Social buttons take a while to load and slow down site speed.

        – They just add clutter.

        – A editor friend of mine once told me to let others share your stuff — focus on writing good stuff.

        Just some thoughts…

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        1. Great points, Brad. I really appreciate that. I certainly like speed and simplicity for the site. I hadn’t thought about the built-in sharing on mobile; nice point!
          My writing will always need improvement. I’ve focused more on blogging and writing lately; distancing myself from social media has freed up time and mental capacity for it! Thanks for sharing!

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