Greener Grass

Human nature is hard to escape…

From a distance, grass looks dense, lush, and green. But up close, you see dirt, yellow patches, and stickers mixed in.

So you look back to where you were and see greener ground from a distance. You return and find up close the same thing: dirt patches, thorns…

So you look around…and sure enough, you see a greener pasture in the distance. And repeat the cycle if discontentment.

Stay where you are. Focus on the green parts with gratitude. Cultivate what lacks.

3 thoughts on “Greener Grass

  1. This is so true. I was a full time worker then I took 2 years off to be home with all my kids. I started back at work only to lose my job due to covid. At first I wanted to find a new job bit with all the uncertainty I staying home until we know what the school year holds. I miss working but I’m refocusing and on most days it’s working. Sometimes not so much.


    1. I hear ya. Covid has disrupted everyone. I feel uncertainty too. Seems like nobody knows for sure what the Fall school semester will bring.
      History is a guide: after every pandemic, life eventually returns to normal, ot at least something close. There might be a few new changes. The aftermath of a pandemic it seems is a period of adjustment but not disruption.
      I guess cultivating the ground where you stand means making lemonade out of lemons.
      I’m glad the most days are working for you and your family. Good thing to focus on. When I’m slumped down in the negative dumps, I recall that it’s momentary. Things turn better soon enough.


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