What About Micro Blog?

A simple alternative to the likes of Twitter, I tried micro.blog and found it…okay. My WordPress blog cross-posts there, but I’m not active otherwise. For that, there’s a monthly fee. But I’m not compelled to sign up, especially these days when I’m #socialmediadistancing. At least it’s nice to know about other options like micro.blog.

10 thoughts on “What About Micro Blog?

  1. I’ve perused micro.blog for a while now and it’s mostly pretty boring. I wanted to like it, but, like you, couldn’t justify another medium to manage since I was moving away from all this stuff anyways. I like my blogs and by distancing from the walled gardens I can spend more time writing/creating.

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    1. Oh man, non-existent. I only had the free account so never could do much on it. And, well, the network is small, so it had a small affect on me, if any. I didn’t get into it, and with so much else online, I didn’t have much spare time for it. Thanks for asking.

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    2. Also, I’ve come to appreciate something else. Small communities. Meaning, niche forums on things I happen to be into or topic-specific social-cataloging sites. So Grouvee, Goodreads, Letterboxd, and the like. I’ve been very active on the Tom Bihn forums lately as I’ve researched EDC bags. All these, to me, are like small groups, which is one of the sticky things keeping people active on Facebook – Groups. Small, focused, niche bodies of people talking about the same thing. Lower quantity of people, higher quality of talk. I thought about blogging about this topic…and kinda just did? Anyways, there ya go!


    3. OK, one more. I’ve been using Twitter again. Trying the Lists feature. So far, lists do not have ads in them! And, so far, it makes my exp of Twitter better. I also recognize when I start down a cesspool of negative opinion and run away quick. No time for that.


      1. I think a post about small communities would be great! Definitely do that. Yeah, I belong to a few FB groups. A while back they were pretty active, but now they seem to be losing their steam. Less and less people post. I do think people are starting to use social less overall – especially the older ones like FB, Twitter, and even (gasp!) Instagram.

        I also tried using Twitter more for interest-based stuff, but it gets so political and hateful fast! It seems no matter the interest area, hate creeps in. I’ve actually been on zero social media for a while now. I really don’t miss it at all.

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      1. I hear you on the point of “another social thing.” I’m at the point of really not using any of what I have. I also have zero motivation to try anything new. Social, in my opinion, has been exhausted – no redeeming qualities anymore. I’ll be posting about my current usage soon.

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  2. Hey Brad, I know I’m not using WP anymore, but I want to follow up this convo. Because now…I’m on Micro.blog! I’ve been getting into it. So I won’t be using Blogger (Fully Rendered anymore). I’m at jasonmcfadden.com


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