Moto G Power Lasts Forever

It feels great having a phone with a 3-day battery. I never worry about low power. I use my phone a lot, all day, and the thing just keeps going. GPS fitness tracking, light gaming, photos, Bluetooth streaming, and more. Throw it all at the moto g power; it still has battery to spare! Talk about reliable… Plus I’m still liking its loud Dolby stereo speakers, big full screen, multi-camera system, and headphone jack. It’s not perfect, but it’s great, and at $250, it’s a remarkable value.

2 thoughts on “Moto G Power Lasts Forever

  1. This is going to sound like a commercial, but … I’ve had my Moto G Power for the past year, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. It was a huge plus when my Garmin failed me on a trip – I was able to use the GPS on this phone without any battery worries!

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    1. Hey, Marian, that’s cool 😀. Great to know the g power is holding up over time. You must have a non-US version, but I’m sure it’s basically the same.

      I have thought about the ability to use my g power as a gps in my car when traveling and knowing I’d still have plenty of battery.

      Also, as batteries degrade over the years, I figure when the moto g power is 3 years old, it’s battery will still get at least a full day of use on one charge!

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