Consuming Creativity

Hey blog friends, you can consume much creative content, or you can be consumed by creating content yourself. You can also do both but not at the same time. At least not much.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, watching Mandalorian for the first time, viewing movies, and playing Pocket Frogs on my phone: escaping the narrative of our Covid times.

I’m actively avoiding the press, news media, like it’s the plague, as bad as a coronavirus. Where’s the vaccine against sensational hyper-focused negative “news” articles?

Anyways, stay safe, and share what good things you are consuming these days. Leave a comment about whatever books, movies, games, podcasts, websites, or music you’re enjoying!

2 thoughts on “Consuming Creativity

  1. I’m reading anything my son is reading for school. That way we can discuss the book. Currently it’s “Hatchet.” This is also a good way to break back into fiction reading without too much overwhelm.

    I also load up on “The Office,” “Parks and Rec,” and “Expedition: Unknown.”

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    1. Cool, Brad 🙂
      Love Parks and Rec!
      I’ll hafta check out Expedition.
      Can’t say I’ve read Hatchet. But that’s good you’re reading with your son.
      One thing we do with our kids is let them watch movies but using the Spanish audio track. They actually sit and watch whole flix in Spanish. It helps their brains do natural language acquisition.

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