The Google Spoon Feed

In my Zero Feeds Experiment, I extolled the efficacy of the Googe Feed. Surprisingly accurate and relevant in its ability to frequently show me articles to my tastes, I was fondly attached to swiping through its finite list. So after ignoring it for 30 days and finding web stuff in other ways, I turned it back on to once again enjoy it.

But things changed. First, my habit of checking it broke. And now trying to resume it, I’m noticing that while on my 30 day Feed-Free spree, mixed signals to the algorithm must have tarnished my personalized Google Feed. It is no longer as accurate or relevant!

I do not want to re-train it or tweak it. And I also have come to realize that, although impressive and handy, I don’t need Google to spoon-feed me content. I’m a big boy now and can find stuff I like on the web just fine.

So for the foreseeable future, I have the Google Feed turned off again.

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