We Elected Big Tech

A thought provoking article on One Zero about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, as the unelected monarch of billions of people. It asserts that leaders of Big Tech, who have great power and influence, were not voted into their offices.

But they were. You and I voted them into power with our time and money, our attention and our dollars. When we choose their products and services, we choose them.

There are counter arguments to this. What’s your take? Comments open below.

5 thoughts on “We Elected Big Tech

  1. I don’t think so. Mainly because we can easily and individually elect them out of our lives at any time. So far, their services aren’t vital to the average Jane or Joe. In other words, we don’t have to wait another four years to get them out of our lives.

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    1. Hey Brad, thanks for your input.
      I think I hear ya and agree, we voted Big Tech leaders into power and can vote them out! We simply must choose to not use their products or services. That is easier said than done but not impossible. How feasible or practical it is varies for each person. Social Media in particular is one I think we don’t need. In fact, I think it’d be best if it didn’t exist, at least in its current form.

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      1. Yes, indeed. Now, regarding other services such as Amazon, Google, etc. it’s a different story. As it’s still not necessary to use them it’s still a tougher shift. I for one would rather visit my local hardware store instead of Home Depot, just to illustrate a figurative example.

        I think there are plenty of alternative options out there: private email accounts, shopping locally instead of online all the time, blogging…

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        1. Yes, I think you speak to consumer choice. There’s some challenge or limitation to that when platforms or the like become de facto standard, but there’s still room for choice and change. Viable alternatives exist, both old ones from the past (how we once did things) and new ones not yet invented.

          Related note: I am often surprised at just how strong a factor is that of convenience.

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          1. Agreed. On the subject of convenience I’m more on the side of tech necessity versus novelty-seeking. For example, if I’m doing inventory on something I will most-likely be a pencil and paper guy. I don’t need some brand new inventory app that requires yet another username and password, learning curve, and too many features. I like my tech useful not “everything to everyone.” On the other hand if there’s something to make things more streamlined and has long-term positive impact then bring it on!

            I’m in the middle of Cal Newport’s “Digital Minimalism” and it’s a great foundation on tech’s use in our lives.

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