It’s Easy To Quit Facebook

Hi there, web peoples. Recently, there’s been more negative chatter online about Facebook and WhatsApp and social media in general, even Big Tech. As usual, my use of Facebook in particular waxes and wanes. Lately, I’ve been re-evaluating my account. Will I keep it, or delete it for the Nth time?

One thought is, well, I could delete my Facebook account – again. It’s easy! I’ve done it like 4 or 5 times in the past 12 years! Seriously. I have.

It’s like the infamous joke about quitting smoking – it’s easy and you can quit anytime. It’s true!

Using Facebook is like smoking. Let that sink in.

But it sure isn’t easy to stay quit for good. I always end up being drawn back to Facebook, to those connections, to family, to relationships, and even the Marketplace. After a few months being totally free from the Book of Faces, I forget the bad parts and miss the good parts. Then I rejoin.

I know that if I delete my Facebook account, then I will likely end up returning. So I will not nuke it from orbit at this time.

But this doesn’t mean I must remain a Facebook User. For a while, I’ve mostly been ignoring or avoiding it. So I’m more of a Facebook Account Holder. A non-active user. I also won’t Deactivate it. It’s there when I want to check in.

The thing that has helped me is that I deleted the Facebook app and the Messenger app from my phone last Fall. And I have no desire to reinstall. I recommend keeping the app off your phone.

All that said, there’s still a chance I will delete my Facebook account in the future. I have no qualms about pulling the plug. Things about Facebook would have to get worse. And frankly, I think things will do just that. Facebook will likely deteriorate…

If more people leave Facebook for other alternatives, then the network effect will weaken to the point where being on Facebook will be pointless. Then I could shake the dust off my feet as I too exit Zuckerburg’s social network.

For now, I’ll just keep social distancing from Facebook.

What do you think? Reply below with your comment. Contact or Email me at the buttons above. Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “It’s Easy To Quit Facebook

  1. Hi Jason,

    I remember several posts in the past about your Facebook dilemma. I feel your pain in a way. I keep an account because work has a page among a few (very few) other things.

    I haven’t had the app on my phone for over 10 years. I also use Newsfeed Eradicator to block the newsfeed. I’ve simplified my account to only close friends, minimal pages/groups, and no info on my profile. I also deleted all my posts.

    One last thing: I’ve scheduled to check it only once per week. Since I don’t have much going on it and can’t see the feed, checking it (for any notifications) takes less than five minutes.

    With all that said, I may delete it soon if I don’t see any real, important use for it.

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    1. Good to hear you, Brad.
      I like your stance. I check Facebook like 2x or 3x a week on avg these days. And it’s really quick. I may reduce my footprint more in it like you have. I actually left several groups yesterday.
      I also have a post scheduled for later in the week about doing another social media hiatus. My finger is hovering over the pause button.
      I hope you a doing well!

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    2. Oh, it can be difficult to scale back too b/c some have come to depend on it for communication, esp. during covid times.
      I have a brother who lives overseas, and Facebook Messenger is very convenient for us. That makes it challenging but not impossible to step further away from. I told him I was likely gonna log off for a while and he asked me if I could still use Messenger. For now I think I will.

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  2. I think it’s great you routinely reevaluate your social media use. Everyone needs to every few months or so. I used to post more years ago – I was freelancing more and promoted my work on several platforms. Over time it felt more and more that my posts were becoming umm… ephemeral. It felt like a useless endeavor and one that can easily spiral. It was way too easy to become obsessed with metrics and the fact that I would justify my checking it for “freelance purposes.”

    Now I still freelance a bit, but leave all the promoting to the client. I try not to get caught up in the social media world, especially lately.

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  3. My kids rarely use Facebook as they are more on TikTok or Instagram. FaceBook will probably die when my generation and above dies. It will become a ghost town, just like Tumblr. Social media or networks reminds me of bars in cities. At one point, a specific bar is very popular and everyone meets there. Then, for no apparent reason, the bar is no longer the star of the city downtown. People flew at another bar because it was cooler and more hips. Who knows if this what will happen to Facebook in the future.

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    1. Good points. I think that sounds about right. I like the bar analogy. I was just noticing the other day how no kids of families I know use Facebook. They’re either on another network or none at all I guess. Facebook will age out in time and be a dinosaur like AOL. Now, when will IG age out? I don’t think Reels is doing as well as TikTok.


  4. I canceled my Facebook account several years ago and haven’t looked back. It was tough at first, especially missing the connections to people I don’t see often. I’ve made a concerted effort to stay connected using text messages and phone calls and that’s worked well. I still miss out on people that were more on the “edge” of my circle.

    I can totally understand your back-and-forth with it all! It’s definitely good to reevaluate often.

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