Doubt Befits Google Fitbit

So, it happened. After much time, Google officially bought Fitbit; the deal is done. This tech news is tainted though. Why? I doubt Google will be a good steward of Fitbit. Look at what happened to both Motorola and Nest.

In the case of Nest, it was a separate company but only for a while. Once that was undone, all of a user’s data with Nest became Google’s data. So much for staying private.

Google is a data driven company. Does anyone really trust it won’t eventually begin integrating Fitbit users’ private personal health data or somehow using it for ad revenue? And how was this aquisition allowed given the current state of “Big Tech” anti-trust scrutiny? How/why did EU and US regulators pass this?

I’ve never owned a Fitbit. I have owned a Moto 360 WearOS smartwatch. And I now enjoy an Apple Watch SE. Wearable fitness devices are great. I hope Google and Fitbit will be a good fit and truly make Fitbit better, because it will up the ante for competition. Apple will need to improve its Watch all the more.

It will be interesting to see what new features and innovations Google and Fitbit make together; there’s good potential. But I’m afraid it will be more interesting to see if or when Google somehow violates their pledge to keep user health data private.

If Fitbit health data does eventually become less private, being shared/owned by Google, I could see many Fitbit users abandoning their fitness trackers. They would flock over to an Apple Watch because Apple is a trusted company when it comes to user privacy and security.

Appreciation is due Fitbit for pioneering wearable wellness tracking. I wish Fitbit the best.

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