A Man Bag For Every Day Carry

Do you think it’s okay for a guy to carry a man-bag? If so, are there any that you recommend? That’s what I’ve been looking into lately. I like the idea of EDC (every day carry) bags for men and how that intersects with mobile computing. And I’m on a quest to find the bag that’s quintessential for the essentials.

File this post under Tech. It’s tangential since you need a bag to carry mobile computing gear (plus more) on the go. We haul phone-computers in our pockets everyday. They’re phablets now, almost un-pocketable. And good-luck trying to shove a Nintendo Switch into your pocket.

A guy’s pockets are also stuffed with the usual suspects: keys, wallet, knife, earbuds, etc. I don’t know about you, but I’m running out of clothing cargo space. Yet I don’t have enough gear to warrant strapping on a hulking backpack every day.

Pockets: not enough. Backpack: too much. There must be a better option.

Not A Murse

First, let’s target the stigma of a guy carrying a bag smaller than a backpack. What is the deal?

If pockets are too small and a backpack is too big, then why can’t a dude just use a small to medium sized shoulder or cross-body bag?

Back when I carried all my keys on a single key-ring, the wad of metal clutter crammed into my pocket was super annoying. So I would often toss them into my wife’s purse. Why can’t I carry my own…man-bag without feeling akward?

This quote from the Art of Manliness speaks to this:

“Ridicule around “murses” is a bit much though, in my opinion. We’re in a cultural place where a man can carry a medium to large bag, or whatever fits in his pockets, but nothing in-between. Which is a little odd when you think about it.”

Yeah, it’s odd.

A Man Bag

Okay, so it’s totally practical for a guy, anyone for that matter, to daily carry a small-ish bag when the amount of gear calls for it. Cool. Makes sense to me. The advantages are worth it. Your stuff is always with you, it’s well organized, and thus makes you better prepared.

Then the next question is, what’s the best man-bag for the job? Now that is a tough one.

My ongoing hunt for the perfect ideal EDC bag has been a challenge. But I’ve been enjoying it and have also learned a thing or two.

Along this journey, my previous post about the quest for the best bag mentioned two great sites on the niche topic of EDC and bags. I’ve added others; here’s the updated list:

If you search on Amazon for top-sellers in men’s bags or just look up bags in general, you’ll be inundated with a plethora of packs. Here’s a few lists you might want to check out:

Amazon sells bags in some brands you may have heard of before, but there seems to be an endless supply of unknown brands.

Outside of Amazon, you can find many established and reputable companies and aspirational brands who either sell bags or specialize in the bag business. Here’s a list:

  • Alpakagear
  • Bellroy
  • Buffalo Jackson Trading Co
  • Cargoworks
  • Case Logic
  • Herschel
  • NutSac
  • PacSafe
  • Peak Design
  • Samsonite
  • Swiss Gear
  • Targus
  • TimBuk2
  • Tom Bihn
  • Waterfield Designs

As I’ve unearthed many potential man-bags across the web, I keep coming back to one site in particular, NutSac. Man, their bags look great! The company does too.

So far my personal top pick is the Mag-Satch 11.

Mag Satch 11

At first, I had wanted a sling bag. But then I decided on a mini-messenger bag or cross-body shoulder bag. And up until now, I’ve had my sights set on a bag just big enough to carry a 10 or 11 inch iPad.

But I’m at cross-roads. I don’t have an iPad (at the moment), so I’m thinking I should try a smaller EDC bag, one that’s big enough for an iPad mini or eReader.

The quest continues…

If you can recommend a good EDC man-bag or another website, sound off in the comments below. Thanks!

What do you think? Reply below with your comment. Contact or Email me at the buttons above. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “A Man Bag For Every Day Carry

  1. Such a great topic, Jason. I have a Timbuk2 small messenger that is perfect for my iPad and other electronics. It has enough room for a water bottle, various chargers, paperwork, and snacks. But it’s still small and easy to carry. I’ve been very happy with it. That said, that Mag Satch you mention looks really nice! I think I have a weakness for gadget bags. Now I’ve got the itch to look at new bags!

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  2. Hey Rob, which specific TimBuk2 bag do you have now? If you get any other bag, please let me know about it – thanks! I like the mini Messenger bag from TimBuk2, but it looks like it only comes with the strap so the bag must carry on your right side; I carry mine on my left.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have the Classic Messenger in the XS size. At first I thought it might be too small, but it turned out to be just right for me, though I tend to travel light. I also have the medium size version that I used to use when taking my laptop (which I don’t do any more). I’ve worn them on both sides and they work great.

      Liked by 1 person

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