Big Things Are Happening

Hey, blog friends. This post is an update on personal things of late because, let me tell you, it’s been a wild time. So pardon this one for not being a usual topic. But hey, it’s still a personal blog called, Jason Journals, so here we go.

Furloughed and Hired

Let’s jump right into the big news. I lost my job almost two weeks ago. It was a shocker; that day won’t soon be forgotten. The situation, though, isn’t simple. The complications make it worse. I’ve been in limbo, unsure what to do, and unable to make firm decisions about the future. My whole company was furloughed while it approaches bankruptcy. I won’t disclose details, of course. But I can say they were changing daily as new info surfaced. That’s what they call a fluid situation, which requires much flexibility. So, yeah, it really stretched me.

That said, there’s also good news about this. I have been hired by a new company as of yesterday! Basically, I’m getting my job back, but it will be under a different employer. Like I mentioned, it’s a bit complicated. The hiring process, as of this writing, is ongoing. The current phase is on-boarding, so I’ve felt much relief in the past 24 hours.

Enrolled in School

Concurrent with the above turmoil, and that’s no exaggeration, I’ve been implementing a back-up plan. So here’s the other big news: I enrolled in an online school to get a Real Estate License. I paid for it and am half-way through the first course. It’s a very big undertaking that will take around 6 months to complete. I dove into the deep end head first and am already swimming laps. Let’s hope I don’t drown. My brain started to melt a few times from all the new info. I poured more coffees.

Hired to Write

Finally, the last big news is this. I was hired to write for an online publication last week! I won’t announce which one at this time because I’m still the new guy, and consider myself under some kind of temporary probation period. The position is voluntary, so I don’t get paid. Now before you say anything, yeah, it might seem weird to accept a position in which I don’t make money after I just lost my income. But I love doing the work and am loving my new online family of team members. I can’t wait to gush about it more, but for now I’m just trying not to mess up a great thing. I still feel lucky.

So, given all the above, I can say I’ve experienced some stress lately. But I seem to be managing it well enough. My family and I are doing fine on a reduced budget and are able to weather this stormy season. And I’m serious about the commitments I’ve made.

Anyways, that’s what’s up. When the dust settles, and I’ve figured out how to adjust to all the new changes, which are still in flux as I write this, then I’ll resume more regular blog posts. In the past few years, this blog has acted like an anchor for me. It disciplines me to keep focused and keep writing amidst all of life’s ebb and flow.

It’s like a journal.

What do you think? Reply below with your comment. Contact or Email me at the buttons above. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Big Things Are Happening

  1. Wow, Jason, what a post! That’s a lot of change in a short amount of time. I’ve always been a big believer in “change is good”, but at the same time, for me personally, change is hard and disruptive. I will say, again for me, all the big changes, especially the scary ones, have turned out to be great. It sounds as if new, exciting things, are opening up for you. I wish you the best and hope to be able to keep reading your posts.

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    1. Thanks, Rob. I appreciate your encouraging words. Yes, it is indeed much change, all at once. I’ve been mindful to evaluate along the way and have thus far managed to stay positive, focused, and balanced. I’ve got folks praying and thinking about me, so don’t let me make it sound like, “I’ve got this.” I have been through tumultuous major concurrent changes before and suffered for it. So I’m being careful to not repeat that. Disruptive, as you said, is very apt. I hope all will be for the better when things settle. New and exciting, yes, I like that perspective. I, too, hope and plan to keep my blog going. In fact, even after I was furloughed, I recently renewed my annual WordPress plan. I have always paid for my blog because it’s a hobby I enjoy. Thanks again!

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  2. Jason, thanks for sharing. I think this will resonate with so many as they are most likely going through similar challenging times. I’m no exception–maybe I’ll write about it one day when my dust settles.

    I wish you all the luck, but it does sound like you’ve got a great head on your shoulders and are navigating this time very well. If I may, I am attempting to focus on the new year with one simple value: Patience. I believe, with maturity, patience is more valuable now more than ever.

    Stay steadfast, my friend.

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    1. Thanks, Brad. I appreciate your support. I don’t expect my blog to go defunct, so no worries there. In fact, things may settle sooner than later, thankfully.
      Also, it’s very interesting that you mention patience as a value because this week, some friends and I were discussing patience as a virtue. What a coincidence! Nay, likely providence.
      Be well!

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