Day One Journal Has A New Owner

Last month, I caught the news that award winning Day One journal app was acquired by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. My reaction was, “Whoa, really?!” Then I realized the two have something great in common: the regular writing of words. Blogging and journaling are similar, which should be no surprise on this site.

My current journaling home, outside of Jason Journals, is the simple Apple Notes app. For my needs, Apple’s elegant solution is enough. I’ve benefited over the years from journaling, both the private and public types. And in my endeavors to record my introspective thoughts and fluctuating feels, I’ve tried a few other journaling apps, including Day One. The recent news of Day One being bought caused me to give it another look, so I downloaded it to my iPhone.

After installing it, I confirmed what I had recalled from previous times when I had tried the app. It’s elegant and easy to use. It also has a feature or two that I wish Apple Notes had. But for me, Day One is overkill because it has a lot of extra capabilities via buttons front and center, which appear like clutter to my mind. This hinders me from journaling because of increased friction. The app is robust with features, yet I find it’s too much. I just need a blank sheet, a cursor, and a minimal amount of text formatting (and also, of course, passcode locking).

I intend to keep journaling in my comfort zone of Apple notes. But I do have some questions and concerns about WordPress’ acquisition of Day One:

  1. Will the premium subscription plan of Day One somehow be included or bundled in a WordPress subscription?
  2. Will Day One remain end to end encrypted?
  3. Will Day One suffer from feature bloat with the addition of integration options for publishing journal entries directly to WordPress?
  4. Will the WordPress app for iOS include new options for Day One?

Depending on the answers, I may grow interested in using Day One. Its rich feature set, though a bit much for me, could become more useful in ways that suit my needs. And I’m sure I could acclimate to the app. Also, I don’t know how Tumblr has done, another acquisition of the WordPress company, but I trust Automattic will be a good steward of Day One.

For now, the purchase of the Day One journal is noted, and I’ll keep using the Notes app to journal.

5 thoughts on “Day One Journal Has A New Owner

  1. Oooh.. #1 would be awesome! Hope that becomes a thing.

    I use the basic/free version of Day One for work, so I haven’t noticed any feature bloat. It’s been good great for day-to-day “sticky note” lists, although for long-term notes I prefer something like Notion or OneNote.

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    1. Hi Marian, nice to hear from you 🙂
      The feature bloat is likely just my perception as compared with Apple Notes, which I’m sure is too simple or limited for some.
      I’ve never considered a journal app for non-personal notes but…I’m noting that now 🤓
      Day One is very attractive but my other issue would be the cost of switching again. I like trying new apps but migrating takes some work, learning and acclimating to a new system takes time, and despite the advantages of 3rd-party software, I’m reluctant to use non-Apple services (and yes admittedly that’s partially b/c I’m somewhat of an Apple fanboy I think.)
      I will be watching with interested eyes what Automattic does with WordPress and Day One! I’m already tempted to re-install it again. Also it has very cool widgets on iOS!


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