Who Let The Blogs Out?

This week, I found an old book (copyright 2004) about blogging by Biz Stone, who helped create Xanga nearly two decades ago. Amazon was selling the paperback for $5 so I grabbed it.

Through reading it, I hope to find a good bit of blogging history and gain a better idea how the popular weblog and blogosphere were understood and appreciated between blogging’s infancy and adolescence — or its height in the internet zeitgeist.

who let the blogs out

The book was written around the time Google bought Blogger, so I hope it sheds light on that in some way (my first blog, with Blogger, was circa 2006). And if nothing else, I think it will be worthwhile to absorb some of Biz Stone’s mind about one of my favorite hobbies. 

I’ve mentioned a blogging renaissance before, and I hope this book will spur me further to call for a blogging resurgence. For all of social media’s convenience, I still think most people would be better without it and should rely on good old-fashioned blogging instead. The web itself is the social network.

Do you remember blogging in its heyday?

2 thoughts on “Who Let The Blogs Out?

    1. Thanks, r.Douglas, for commenting. Good to hear from you and hope you’re well.

      Glad you liked the post/book find. I’ll probably blog about it – maybe a review – once I read it.

      I had some friends on Xanga around the time I was on Blogger but I never tried it myself.


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