Blog Bumps Ahead

Just a quick note. I’m trying some new tweaks to the blog. Changing the tone a bit.

What are the changes?

Orange: my favorite color! I try different hex colors for orange. One great thing about this Canard theme is its default color scheme selection; I actually like several of them.

Previously, I used the default gray and yellow – a dark tone.
Currently, I’m using the default white and orange – a light tone.

I think the white/light aesthetic is cleaner and airy. With that, I’m leaning a bit more into less, I mean minimal.

The typography is the same; I’m using Lato font. Overall, it’s crisp and readable.

The basic structure should remain, though. Main post column left, sidebar right, centered title top, with a header menu. I might add footer stuff too.

Sidebar content is changing too; more to come…

Why am I tweaking this time?

I felt like a refresh would help me refocus on WordPress.

After spending weeks checking out other CMS platforms and leaning into Blogger, I’ve come back around to right here, where I’ve been blogging for years. I’ll probably write up a big post on that later.

For now, I’m tweaking my blog theme, learning the block widgets for the sidebar, and opening my mind to WordPress and its totally blocky future…and more.

Do you have any suggestions? Like the tweaks? Let me know.

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