Final Farewell To Internet Explorer

After 27 years, Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer, is retired. That means it might vacation to the Grand Canyon before I do. Whatever it does, I doubt anyone will miss it. Though IE is retiring now, its career ended long ago. I can’t recall when I last used the browser; I think it was for an intranet web app at a company I previously worked for. Outside of that, I had stopped using IE many years prior.

Internet Explorer first launched in 1995, bundled with Windows 95. But my browsing history didn’t start up with IE. I first surfed the web in 1997 with Netscape Navigator. Though IE was on the Win95 PCs I used in college back then, my class assignments defaulted to the popular Netscape browser.

I’ll never forget watching this as I waited for dial-up data to load.

At home I had dial-up on a 14.4k modem, but at college things were a bit faster. My favorite website to visit in those days was (back when I still got most info through my Nintendo Power magazine subscription). I remember when Super Mario Kart 64, new at the time, had its hero image on the site and I watched it load; it took over a minute! screen image circa 1999.

Of course, eventually Netscape was out and IE was in. Later I used Firefox and then Google Chrome. I also tried Opera for a short time. These days, I use Safari since I’m all-in with Apple.

Microsoft is edging IE users more to….Edge, its modern web browser based on Google’s Chromium technology. I’ve used Edge enough to say it’s quite good these days; I like it. But if I didn’t rely on Safari, Chrome would probably be my 2nd choice because it’s more ubiquitous. That said, Chrome has privacy issues, more than Edge I think. For that there’s Brave or the DuckDuckGo browser.

No browser is perfect, and I recall over the years the trouble IE had, yet it remained dominant for a long time. Now, finally, it’s officially retired. Surprising that it lasted so long – 27 years! Farewell, I guess.

What was your first browser experience? Do you remember your first favorite website?

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5 thoughts on “Final Farewell To Internet Explorer

  1. Yes, Netscape was my first browser, too. I didn’t have a computer at home and my first experience with the Net was at the college library. Trust me, I spent lots of time in that library chatting and browsing back then – until I finally got a PC at home (my reasoning to parents, of course, was it was for school).

    I’ve never been much of an IE user. I also don’t care much for Edge trying to butt in. I’ve moved away from Chrome to Firefox as of late and have been trying out the Brave browser. That’s been pretty good, too!

    Speaking of old sites – not sure if you’ve seen this before but here:

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    1. Nice, I can imagine what you’re saying for sure. I actually used my college library PCs to burn mix CDs (mp3s) since my own PC didn’t yet have a CD-RW drive (…pre-iTunes). In ’97, my freshman year, someone told me about my school email address and I was like, “What’s email?” I also didn’t understand the esoteric jargon. Web speak was new to me.

      You know, I still really dig Firefox and re-tried it last year. I like it too, as it’s third-party, everywhere I think, and simply not from “Big Tech.” That said, I default to Apple and its defaults; it’s a simple approach and, I believe, secure/private. It works well when all my personal devices are from the fruit company. It’s not always an affordable choice though, I know. (I’ve blogged about the awesomeness of how much good tech one can buy via Google/Android/Chromebooks.)

      I’m not sure I’ve seen the museum before, but I sure do have it bookmarked now; thanks! It’s kind of like the internet archive way back machine.

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