Succulent Legos

I was recently gifted one of the coolest Lego sets I’ve had the pleasure to build in a long time. Part of the Botanical Collection, it’s very unique in appearance. The variety of cacti are delightful, and the building techniques involved also vary from simple to clever, like the use of six guns to serve as branches with stems.

Guns for stems. Cool.

For me, Legos are models to build rather than toys to play with these days. A set like this is a beautiful addition to display in my collection. The actual assembly is fun, so although it’s creative, I consider Legos a form of interactive entertainment.

This particular Lego set fits me since I live where West Texas starts. The most common cactus here is called Prickly Pear. Maybe I can get my kids to build a custom Lego version.

Enjoy the succulent gallery of Lego Succulents.

Do you build Lego? What’s your favorite theme? Do you have a different crafting hobby?

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3 thoughts on “Succulent Legos

    1. I know! Lego has certainly evolved with more “advanced” pieces/bricks from when I was a kid, but they’re still the best quality.

      The coolest Botanical Lego, IMO, is the Bonsai Tree. It’s so rad.

      Thanks 🙂


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