Moving To A New Blog Host

My blog is moving again! I’m now at at

From WordPress to Blogger (Summer 2022)

I was at WordPress: Jason Journals (

Then I was at Blogger: Jason McFadden (

Which changed at Blogger: Fully Rendered (

From Blogger to (Winter 2023)

Now I’m at Jason McFadden (

And at Blogger it’s now: Fully Rendered ( won’t be using this anymore but will leave it static for now.)

15 thoughts on “Moving To A New Blog Host

    1. Thanks, Brad, and thanks for following along. Let’s stay in touch. My WordPress plan ends this Spring. I’m letting it go and am already subscribed to at $5/month, replacing my WP $4/mo plan. To me, the extra dollar nets me the social media Timeline of MB in addition to the blog hosting. I’m still feeling how it all melds together, but the social side is the nicest I’ve seen. More to blog about that…


  1. I managed to sub to your new blog via RSS feed. But seeing is part of the Fediverse, I was trying to follow you using Mastodon. I can’t quite figure it out, though. If you have a URL for fediverse usage (we copy and paste it into the Mastodon search bar and it allows us to follow), please let me know! I’m curious what following a is like on the Fediverse!

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    1. Aywren, hi, I just messaged you via your blog contact form about this! So, here’s my username so that you can both follow me and reply to my posts via Mastodon even though I don’t (yet…) have an account there:

      This works since both sites support ActivityPub API. I admit it’s kind of confusing, but I think worth it…

      Try it out! If you click to my user profile and then click my Mastodon username, it should refresh the page with an input box for your Mastodon username so you can follow me there.

      In sum:

      My username/URL: @jasonmcfadden which is URL
      My blog URL: (custom, mapped to
      My Mastodon username via

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    1. I am genuinely interested to see how things go for you on Ghost. Last year during the WP plan change circus, Ghost was one of my top options. I tried their trial blog and was impressed. Pretty sure I’m happy to stay on though.


  2. Well, sorry to see you guys going away. After looking at a bit closer I’m sticking around WP. I like how I can change the look and the community is still rather active. M.B seems too much like Twitter: short blurbs of thoughts instead of longer form posts. I’m just the type who doesn’t like short, choppy, attention fragmenting Twitter-like posts. (That’s just me). If you ever decide to come back to WP I’ll be here ready to follow once again.


    1. Hey Brad, I get it about the fragmented/out of context posts. It’s something to be careful about for sure. On, when logged in, you can click “Conversation” to see the initial post/micropost and the replies to it, all in a Twitter-like or WordPress threaded comment section. It’s easier to get/use the more you do it.

      I’ll still be posting long-form stuff on, though my main blog page will also show microposts. My main articles will have a bold title, they’ll also be categorized (categories are shown in the Archive page).

      I’m still getting used to it over there. Compared to Blogger, it’s night and day different as fas as community goes. I mean, has a whole social media layer/timeline.

      If all goes well, I might add email subscription to my blog. It’s able to send weekly round-ups of posts versus an email for every post. If someone subscribed to that, then they could quickly skip the microposts (if they’re included) and just read the long-form ones.

      There’s been chatter that WordPress will somehow implement ActivityPub API in its system, which would open it to the Fediverse (like cross-posts etc). That could be a boon and draw people to it. I might even boomerang back one day. For now, I’m at and Plus email 🙂

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    1. Come check out I think you’d like it. Either way, good to hear from you and hope you’re well. FYI – if you only want to follow my long form blog posts on and ignore the short microposts, you can subscribe/follow the RSS/JSON feed of any category of posts.


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