Hi! Thanks for visiting; glad you’re here :).

The Blog

This is my personal blog. I write articles and notes about consumer technology, entertainment, and photography. Also, I post some of my favorite photos on the blog and in my Gallery.

This blog is also my creative outlet to tinker with web design and just to practice writing in general.

The Blogger

I’m a Texan. Also, left-handed. I have Celiac disease – so gluten-free life for me. In my day job, my career is in Industrial Civil/Structural Design: 2D drafting and 3D modeling. So AutoCAD and others.

What else? I’m an introspective introvert, connecting with others on the public internet. A bit ironic, I guess!

I have a lovely wife and five (5) young sons! We share a small old house with only one full bathroom! We homeschool our kids. And we do some homesteading with gardening and livestock: a snake, a dog, cats, chickens, geese, and goats.

I like hiking and RV living. I practice Kyokushin Karate with my family. Tiny Houses are fascinating to me. I enjoy movies and Nintendo games. We play Pokemon TCG. And I like reading books. Photography is also a small hobby of mine. And–surprise–I like blogging.

Contact me or leave a comment and tell me about yourself!

Thanks 🙂

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