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The Blog

This is my personal blog where I share mixed thoughts about different things that I’m interested in. I hope my writing resonates with you or benefits you in a positive way.

Some topics include faith, photography, simplicity/minimalism, technology/computers, and blogging/writing. Maybe even parenting or anxiety (maybe those are related)!

This blog is also my creative outlet to tinker with web design and just to practice writing.

The Geek

I’m a Texan. Also, left-handed. I was born with Celiac disease–so gluten-free. I do a lot of industrial structural design: 2D drafting and 3D modeling (AutoCAD).

I’m an introspective introvert, connecting with others on the public internet. A bit ironic, I guess!


Speaking of relationships, I have a lovely wife and five (5) energetic young sons! We share a smallish old house with only one bathroom! We homeschool our kids. And we have some animals: a snake, a dog, cats, chickens, and goats.

I like hiking, back-packing, mountain-biking, and RV living. I practice Kyokushin Karate with my family. Tiny Houses are fascinating to me. I enjoy movies and Nintendo games. And I like reading books. Photography is also a small hobby of mine. And–surprise–I like blogging.

On the geek-nerd spectrum, I am more geek. In college, my major was Industrial Design and Development. My minor was Computer Science until I switched to Philosophy. Because that’s totally similar. I once bought parts on NewEgg and built a new PC and sometimes do dream builds there. I’m a techie too I guess. I’m not dogmatic about this identity stuff though. It’s just hard to nail down, and it can be fluid.

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Thanks 🙂