Motorola Updates Upgrade Promise

You and I both know that smartphones don’t last forever. But shouldn’t they last more than a year? I wrote about this recently in relation to a Computer World article that singled out Motorola for not playing nice with phone updates on its new $1,000 phone. Then another article appeared, this time on Android Central, calling out Motorola again on this issue. And you know what? The next day, Motorola responded in the positive!

The Smartphone Spectrum

Do you think about what category your smartphone is in? Like, does it really matter to you if your phone is a “flagship?” Maybe that term doesn’t even register. You might be like, “Um, I have a Samsung.” Or, “It’s an iPhone.” Fair enough!

Smartphone photography is a thing. Since leaving Windows and Lightroom, I've stuck with Google Photos to edit pictures, but now I've discovered Snapseed on my Android phone. It blew my mind! The advanced editing capabilities are great! And the app (by Google) is free!

Do you use Google Play Music? I did... Spotify is great, but I want YouTube Music to work; so far it's disappointing. Yet I'd rather pay monthly for YouTube Music + YouTube itself instead of just Spotify. 🤔

Fellow WordPressers! Do you use the Reblog button? Why or why not? It seems like I seldom see it; I've never reblogged. Should I give it a try?? Thanks for your feedback! Blog on!

Reblogs: Share the Awesome

This article on the basics of WordPress Reblogging is straight up informative. I’m considering whether I want to make my own posts rebloggable. Also, I think this post I’m reblogging now is the first one I’ve ever done! Check out the link and tell me, what do you think?

The Daily Post

My last post was about pingbacks and trackbacks, and some of you had questions about how that relates to reblogs. Both features help you share the work of other bloggers on your own site, but whereas a pingback simply notifies the original blogger that you’ve linked to their site, a reblog captures an excerpt of another blogger’s post and automatically links back to their content. 

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Smartphone Expiration Date

When you buy meat at the grocery store, you check the expiration or “best used by” date. Nobody wants something that will go bad too soon; that’s a rotten deal. Likewise, technology has an “expiration date.” At some point, your tech becomes obsolete. Smartphones in particular have a “best used by” date. This problem needs a fresh solution.

Sure, smartphones make phone calls. But really, mine is actually a camera. And an iPod. And a PDA (remember those!?). I rarely use it as a phone. What do you use your phone for most?

Facebook The Inside Story

In late February, we were treated to a new piece of nonfiction about a phenomenon in social media, Facebook: The Inside Story, by Steven Levy. Other books have been written about the infamous social network, but this one is the latest and, I think, greatest. Rather than a review, I just want to share some of my thoughts about it.

Now that the new iPhone SE 4.7" display is "small," an Android manuf. should make a 4.5" or smaller phone for the sizeable market that wants a small phone! Like a 4" Moto G Mini w/ a mid-range CPU starting at $199!

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