Tweaking The Blog

New changes to Jason Journals, with goals being to simplify blog for reading, demote social media, and promote more direct conversation: Removed Twitter widget Added goodreads widget Removed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links and social icons Removed static homepage, making blog posts the home page Started updating Gallery photos Added mailto: buttons and links UPDATE: Removed social icons from post share menu Disconnected social cross-posting … Continue reading Tweaking The Blog

No Moto G8 In The US

My speculation why Motorola dropped the “8” from the 8th gen. Moto G phones in the US only: to avoid any problems that tend to be labeled as a type of gate: Antennagate, Bendgate, Batterygate. “Gate” has a negative connotation. In the US, a “Motogate” (Moto G8) might not work. So we had the Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power. And the latest announcement … Continue reading No Moto G8 In The US

YouTube Music Trial

So I’m giving YouTube Music a real try, living with it for one month (the free trial). Decided to dive in and not shrink away despite any differences or downsides. Actually found a surprising upside! Also, though, it’s missing some albums I have on Spotify – ouch! But I’ll give it the full 30 days. Note: I have not imported/uploaded any of my Google Play … Continue reading YouTube Music Trial