We Elected Big Tech

A thought provoking article on One Zero about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, as the unelected monarch of billions of people. It asserts that leaders of Big Tech, who have great power and influence, were not voted into their offices.

But they were. You and I voted them into power with our time and money, our attention and our dollars. When we choose their products and services, we choose them.

There are counter arguments to this. What’s your take? Comments open below.

The Google Spoon Feed

In my Zero Feeds Experiment, I extolled the efficacy of the Googe Feed. Surprisingly accurate and relevant in its ability to frequently show me articles to my tastes, I was fondly attached to swiping through its finite list. So after ignoring it for 30 days and finding web stuff in other ways, I turned it back on to once again enjoy it.

But things changed. First, my habit of checking it broke. And now trying to resume it, I’m noticing that while on my 30 day Feed-Free spree, mixed signals to the algorithm must have tarnished my personalized Google Feed. It is no longer as accurate or relevant!

I do not want to re-train it or tweak it. And I also have come to realize that, although impressive and handy, I don’t need Google to spoon-feed me content. I’m a big boy now and can find stuff I like on the web just fine.

So for the foreseeable future, I have the Google Feed turned off again.

Consuming Creativity

Hey blog friends, you can consume much creative content, or you can be consumed by creating content yourself. You can also do both but not at the same time. At least not much.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, watching Mandalorian for the first time, viewing movies, and playing Pocket Frogs on my phone: escaping the narrative of our Covid times.

I’m actively avoiding the press, news media, like it’s the plague, as bad as a coronavirus. Where’s the vaccine against sensational hyper-focused negative “news” articles?

Anyways, stay safe, and share what good things you are consuming these days. Leave a comment about whatever books, movies, games, podcasts, websites, or music you’re enjoying!

My Anxiety Was Triggered

So, it had been a long time since my anxiety was near a debilitating level. But Thursday morning, after awakening with an upbeat song in my head and later feeling dance vibes with my headphones, things flip-flopped! A surreal concern about the Covid-19 situation quickly ballooned into the whack anxiety that plagued me a few years ago. I’d been “normal” and stable a long time. My biochemistry can still hit overdrive. Thankfully, I settled; the acute anxiety mini-attack subsided. It’s humbling, among other things. I again empathize with those who struggle with stuff like this. If you do, reach out to people around you for help. Don’t struggle alone.

Moto G Power Lasts Forever

It feels great having a phone with a 3-day battery. I never worry about low power. I use my phone a lot, all day, and the thing just keeps going. GPS fitness tracking, light gaming, photos, Bluetooth streaming, and more. Throw it all at the moto g power; it still has battery to spare! Talk about reliable… Plus I’m still liking its loud Dolby stereo speakers, big full screen, multi-camera system, and headphone jack. It’s not perfect, but it’s great, and at $250, it’s a remarkable value.